The radiology training program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine originated at Jacobi Medical Center in 1959 under the leadership of Dr. Milton Elkin. In 1991, Dr. E. Stephen Amis, Jr. was appointed as the Unified Chairman of Diagnostic Radiology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and, as such, assumed the position of Director of the training programs at both Jacobi Medical Center (JMC) and Montefiore Medical Center (MMC). At that time, he merged the two residency programs into a single program which was approved by the RRC in May 1992. On November 1, 1997, the Health and Hospitals Corporation (of which JMC is a member hospital) terminated its affiliation with MMC. As a result, Dr. Amis made the decision to begin a phased withdrawal of MMC residents rotating at Jacobi, beginning in 1999 and continuing until 2002. At the same time, both the administration and the medical leadership of Jacobi Medical Center wished to reestablish its independent program in diagnostic radiology under the sponsorship of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Thus, the Jacobi Medical Center Diagnostic Radiology Training Program was reinstated.

Our department has a rich history, closely intertwined with that of the radiology department at Montefiore Medical Center. For a fuller account, see Amis ES Jr, Sprayregen S, Zelefsky MN. Einstein and Montefiore radiology departments: converging destinies. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 1993 Jul;161(1):201-4. Also, you're invited to check out our historical pictures.