The Faculty

There are approximately twenty-two faculty radiologists in the Department of Radiology. In addition, numerous members of our voluntary staff participate in the teaching functions of the department. All of our professional staff have faculty appointments at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and all are board certified with advanced fellowship subspecialty training or equivalent experience. The skills of our radiologic faculty run the full spectrum of all radiologic subspecialties including Nuclear Medicine and Radiologic Physics. In addition to their expertise, our staff has an enviable reputation regarding their teaching abilities. In fact, four of our faculty staff members have been recognized by several clinical services and have been awarded "Outstanding Teacher of the Year" distinctions in their respective departments. Our faculty is also closely involved with the undergraduate teaching program in the medical school, providing teaching sessions for first and second year students during their training in Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology as well as participating with MMC and LIJ in providing experience for third year students in a newly established core radiology clerkship. The department also offers very popular electives in diagnostic radiology, emergency radiology, and pediatric radiology for fourth year students.

Department Divisions

*indicates that the faculty member's primary affiliation is not at Jacobi Medical Center